63 años de bunas obras. Infraestructura, Diseño y Construcción
Constructora Michel
Se requiere experiencia para garantizar una gran obra

Who we are

Our origins, strengths and philosophy

63 years of experience

Michel Construction is a leading company with broad experience in the construction business. Our origins date back to 1951 in Mazatlan, Sinaloa.

Multidisciplinary team

We pride ourselves on a great team built by qualified members in various disciplines such as engineering, architecture, quality control, finance and project management.

Public and private infrastructure

We are proud to be part of the social and economic development of our region by having participated in all types of construction projects of both public and private nature that have positively impacted our communities.

Goals: time, quality and cost

Our more than six decades in the construction business are the result of a superior quality, cost efficiency and on-time delivery in our construction project, qualities that have been recognized by each one of our customers.

Our History

1940 Beginnings in the Sanalona Dam

Michel Construction was born with the vision and passion for construction of Jose Sanchez Sr., who began his experience in the construction business working at the building of the Sanalona Dam from 1940 to 1948.

1940 The company is born

In 1951, Mr. Sanchez Michel starts his first construction business in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, developing various works of domestic water and sanitary utilities, basing his business philosophy on a strict work ethic, quality and efficiency.

Mission y Vision


Pay an exceptional attention to detail to our customer needs by managing their projects professionally, delivering on-time work, with superior quality and cost efficiency.


In 2020 become a Top 5 Construction Company in Sinaloa State recognized by its service, quality and Innovation.



Assure excellence in everything we do
  • We pay attention to quality in our work.
  • We establish goals, systems and standards.

Customer Focus

Win the trust and respect of our customers
  • We understand and meet their needs.
  • We generate with them long-term relationships.

A better way every day

Finding always "the best way"
  • Doesn´t matter how small, everyday we find a better way to improve our work.
  • We promote ideas that improve service, increase efficiencies and reduce costs.


Make things happen…
  • We are focused to action with a sense of “now”.
  • We have a positive attitude towards work (to find the “how CAN we do it”)